Welcome to Multilingual Professional

Multilingual Professional is a new blog for anyone who:

  • has studied and/or is able to speak and write ANY foreign language
  • is entering the workforce (or already part-way through their professional career)
  • wants to keep their skills in the other language active and up to date in a professional context
  • wants to familiarise themselves with the vocabulary and language of work and how professionals talk about their work
  • and wants to gain an insight into the business cultures of other countries

Visit this blog and get:

Suggestions as to how to develop a foreign language dimension to more or less any job, even if a language doesn’t form part of your job description.

Hints and tips about how to build up a parallel career in your chosen foreign language, even if your current job doesn’t provide many opportunities to use it.

Strategies to help you use and leverage your language(s) to the best effect in the workplace or in other professional contexts.

Links to videos by companies and professionals in other countries about their company or the work that they do.

Where do the ideas and information come from?

All the practical tips and ideas that you see here will either be based on my personal experience as a languages graduate (in German, Dutch and French) who has worked with, taught and translated those languages in business and industry for all of my working life so far, or on what I think are the very best examples from the UK and the rest of Europe, and occasionally the world!

If you have any comments about any topic that appears on this blog or have any useful information or weblinks to share, please submit a comment on the blog or send an e-mail to:

andrew5431 AT outlook.com

All the very best!
Viel Erfolg!
Tout le succès,
Veel succes!

Andrew Maycroft


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